Oct 30 , 2019

Can my company cancel the visa without my passport?

Since many expat are given long term residence visa, there are a question raised in many visa groups. However everyone has a different answers.For example, we were asked :

Q: My company told me that they will cancel my visa and i am not allowed to use it,but my visa expires one year later, can i still live in China for few months ?

A: First of all, according to the entry and exit law, the company will cancel your work permit after you left the job, and you shall not use the same residence as your residence situation changed. The company can report to local PSB for the cancellation of your current residence permit without having your passport. Then PSB will have an announcement notice for the cancellation of residence permit in their website. 

Q: What shall i do if i would like to stay in China ?

A: You have options: either you can get an one month stay visa with a release letter from your former employer in local PSB. Or you can leave China and apply for new visa in Chinese embassy. 

Q: What if i would like to have another job ?

A: Then you shall ask your new employer to apply for work permit after you get the cancellation of the current work permit. Then change the visa in one month. 

Q: Do i have to provide the police clearance certificate and working experience certificate again ?

A: If you have more than one year residence permit in China, and your residence permit will not expire in six month or before, it is not required to submit the police clearance certificate one more time. But if your residence permit expired more than six months, you have to get a new updated police clearance certificate and notarize it by Chinese embassy. For the working experience certificate, if you do not change job title, only employer changes, you do not have to submit working experience certificate, and you can use the copy of previous work permit. However, if your job title changed, such as you worked as teacher before, now your job is marketing manager, you shall prove that you had relevant experience as marketing manager. 

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